Endur i5 CD-3R | 1200 x 1000


3-runner plastic pallet with extra high safety rim

With its load capacity of 500 kg in the high rack the Endur E5 is made for medium loads and is best for applications with a high circulation rate. The 20 mm high safety rim is slightly set outward, so that KLT boxes can be placed within the rim and be transported safely. Therefor the pallet is especially used in the automotive industry. The high quality design made the pallet extremely strong and guaranteed a long lifetime.

Technical data *¹

Article number Bottom support upper deck Dimensions [mm] Load capacity [kg]*² Weight [kg]
Static Dynamic Racking HDPE
Endur i5 (CD-3R) 3 runners closed deck 1200 x 1000 x 160 500 1500 500 20,5
Entry: 4 ways Nesting height: – Safety rim: 20 mm

Truck loads

Version Standard Truck Mega-Trailer Jumbo Truck 40′ HC Container
Stack Total Stack Total Stack Total Stack Total
Endur i5 (CD-3R)