• Hygienic
  • Hygienic E7.3 CD-3R | 1200 x 800


    Fully closed hygienic pallet in Euro dimensions For many years now, the Hygienic E7.3 has struck the perfect balance between mechanical performance and hygiene requirements. Manufactured exclusively from food-grade HDPE – no metal reinforcements – this pallet has become the standard in many industries across Europe. This fully closed pallet has no cavities, making it […]

  • Hygienic
  • Hygienic i7.1 CD-3R | 1200 x 1000


    The New Hygienic Pallet in Industrial Dimensions The Hygienic i7.1 is ideal for food, meat, and pharmaceutical logistics and for all situations where a perfect combination of mechanical performance and highest hygiene requirementsis needed. New internal rounded corners ensure the smoothest transition through automated conveyor systems and minimize the risk of pallets getting trapped and […]